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The Fleming Applied Agency
Innovation in Work-Integrated Learning

Senior students in Business and Technology programs contract with project sponsors in both private and public sectors to complete projects that very often are mission critical but which organizations are currently hard pressed to resource themselves. Projects are approved and assigned based on a suitable match between sponsor needs, timing, student profiles and fit within the academic calendar.

Applied Projects promote a high level of experiential learning and provide resources for organizations with projects that need to be completed. These applied projects are supervised by faculty mentors and completed over the course of a semester with no salary cost to the client organization. This is a required element of the student programs in order to qualify for graduation.

Become a Fleming Applied Agency Partner

Identify a project that would be of benefit to your organization and click on the Proposal Form link on this website. Your proposal for a project will then be reviewed and you will be contacted if there are any other questions or clarifications. Timing and acceptance will be based on the availability of suitable students and semester plans.